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Oral Contributions

Invited talks: 30 (25+5) min
Solicited talks: 25 (20+5) min
Contributed talks: 15 (12+3) min

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Monday, October 17
10:00 Registration opens
14:00 Welcome address
Session 1: eROSITA on SRG
14:10 I. Lomakin: "SRG mission overview" (25)
14:35 P. Predehl: "eROSITA on SRG" (25)
15:00 P. Friedrich: "eROSITA X-ray Optics" (25)
15:25 N. Meidinger: "eROSITA CCD Detectors" (25)
15:50 M. Pavlinsky: "The ART-XC Telescope" (25)
16:15 - 16:45
Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 2: Future X-ray missions
16:45 F. Harrison: "The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR)" (25)
17:10 Y. Takei: "The ASTRO-H mission" (25)
17:35 L. Stella: "The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT)" (25)
18:00 K. Nandra: "ATHENA" (25)
18:25 G. Pareschi: "High angular resolution optics for the next generation of Wide Field X-ray Telescopes (WFXT), beyond eROSITA" (15)
Welcome Reception at the Conference Center
Tuesday, October 18
Session 3: Observing galaxy clusters
9:00 H. Boehringer: "Prospects for eROSITA Galaxy Cluster Research" (30)
9:30 N. Aghanim: "PLANCK early results on clusters" (25)
9:55 J. Mohr: "The South Pole Telescope Galaxy Cluster Survey" (25)
10:20 S. Ettori: "Where the wild baryons are: the outskirts of galaxy clusters" (15)
10:35 A. Finoguenov: "Galaxy groups in deep X-ray surveys: lessons for eROSITA" (15)
10:50 - 11:25
Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 4: Clusters as cosmological probes
11:25 G. Evrard: "Massive Halos: the Crossroads of Astrophysics and Cosmology" (30)
11:55 S. Majumdar: "Probing Inflationary Physics and Dark Energy with eROSITA clusters" (15)
12:10 A. Pillepich: "The X-ray cluster survey with eROSITA: predictions for cosmology, cluster physics, and primordial non-Gaussianity" (15)
12:25 R. Fassbender: "Distant X-ray clusters and their applications with XMM-Newton and eROSITA" (15)
12:40 - 14:20
Lunch break
Session 5: Clusters and the theory of structure formation
14:20 S. White: "Regularity or diversity? The expected properties of the cluster population" (30)
14:50 T. Jeltema: "Searching for Dark Matter with Gamma-Ray and X-ray Observations" (30)
15:20 M. Hoeft: "eROSITA + LOFAR: What it takes to discover radio relics" (15)
15:35 K. Dolag: "Magneticum Pathfinder, preliminary results" (15)
15:50 - 16:20
Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 6: Diffuse emission from ICM and ISM
16:20 E. Churazov: "X-ray surface brightness fluctuations in galaxy clusters" (30)
16:50 I. Zhuravleva: "Observational signatures of turbulence in ICM: current status" (15)
17:05 S. Snowden: "Diffuse X-ray Emission in the Milky Way" (30)
17:35 M. Sasaki: "Shock-heated Plasma in the Interstellar Medium" (15)
17:50 K. Dennerl: "The potential of eROSITA for Charge Exchange Astrophysics" (15)
19:00 for 19:30
Conference dinner, Hotel Schatten, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Wednesday, October 19
Session 7: Results from recent wide field (X-ray) surveys
9:00 N. Kaiser: "The Pan-STARRS Wide-Field Imaging Survey" (25)
9:25 M. Pierre: "Wide field X-ray surveys with XMM" (30)
9:55 M. Watson: "The XMM-Newton Serendipitous Survey after 10 years" (15)
10:10 M. Brusa: "What we have learned about the identification of X-ray sources: the lesson from the COSMOS X-ray surveys" (15)
10:25 A. Ptak: "Bayesian Analysis of Starburst Galaxy and Obscured AGN Evolution in X-ray Surveys" (15)
10:40 - 11:10
Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 8: Active Galactic Nuclei
11:10 Y. Ueda: "Investigation of AGN evolution with eROSITA" (30)
11:40 S. Warren: "Searches for AGN at z>5 from X ray to radio" (30)
12:10 A. Comastri: "X-ray spectroscopy of obscured AGN" (15)
12:25 S. Croom: "The evolution of hot and cold mode accretion" (15)
12:40 - 14:00
Lunch break
Session 8, contd.
14:00 A. Fabian: "AGN feedback" (30)
14:30 G. Kauffmann: "Lessons learned from large surveys of optically selected AGN in the local Universe" (30)
15:00 A. Georgakakis: "Constraining the environment of AGN with eROSITA" (15)
15:15 A. Kolodzig: "AGN in the eROSITA - All-Sky survey" (15)
15:30 R. Saxton: "Exploiting X-ray flares from galactic nuclei: lessons learned from XMM-Newton" (15)
15:45 - 16:15
Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 9: XRB, Compact objects, Transients
16:15 C. Motch: "Multi-wavelength studies of microquasars and ULXs" (30)
16:45 J. Wilms: "The transient X-ray sky" (30)
17:15 R. Wijnands: "Finding sub-luminous accreting neutron stars and black holes using eROSITA" (15)
17:30 R. Rutledge: "Isolated neutron stars with eROSITA" (15)
17:45 G. Sala: "How strange is the Rapid Burster? Constraining the mass and radius of the accreting neutron star in MXB 1730-335" (15)
18:00 Special talk: J. Trümper: "ROSAT" (30)
Thursday, October 20
Session 10: Galactic X-ray sources
9:00 B. Stelzer: "Prospects for eROSITA studies of nearby active stars and young stellar objects" (30)
9:30 L. Oskinova: "X-rays from massive stars and star clusters" (15)
9.45 M. Revnivtsev: "Populations of Galactic X-ray sources" (30)
10:15 A. Schwope: "Cataclysmic variables in the eROSITA sky" (30)
10:45 R. Voss: "Faint LMXBs in the Galaxy" (15)
11:00 - 11:30
Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 11: Galaxies in X-rays
11:30 M. Gilfanov: "Normal galaxies in the eRosita all-sky survey" (15)
11:45 F. Haberl: "X-ray source population studies of Local Group Galaxies - Prospects for eROSITA" (15)
12:00 C. Jones: "Normal and Extreme Galaxies: What we might learn about galaxies from eRosita" (15)
12:15 D. Bomans: "X-ray emission of galactic winds in low and high redshift galaxies" (15)
12:30 - 14:00
Lunch break
Session 12: Status and prospects of multi-wavelength wide area surveys
14:00 H. Rottgering: "LOFAR surveys of the radio sky: probing shocks and magnetic fields in galaxy clusters" (25)
14:25 T. Reiprich: "ASKAP/EMU and eROSITA Complementarity for Galaxy Cluster Studies" (15)
14:40 S. Farrell: "CAASTRO: The Centre for All-sky Astrophysics" (15)
14:55 C. Lonsdale: "IR Surveys" (TBC) (25)
15:20 T. Miyaji: "The Synoptic All-Sky Survey (SASIR) Project and its implications to eROSITA Science" (15)
15:35 - 16:05
Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 12, contd.
16:05 M. Rejkuba: "The ESO Public Surveys" (25)
16:30 R. Gibson: "The LSST Contribution to a Temporal, Multi-Wavelength View of the Sky" (25)
16:55 A. Schwope: "4MOST - A spectroscopic follow-up machine for eROSITA" (15)
17:10 S. Miyazaki: "Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam: the instrument and the survey" (15)
17:25 A. Merloni, S. Sazonov: "Concluding remarks"
18:00 END

Poster Contributions

List of posters in pdf format

eROSITA Hard- and Software
1 H. Brunner: "Simulating the eROSITA all-sky survey: exposure, sensitivity, and source detection strategies"
2 M. Freyberg: "Calibration of eROSITA, on-ground and in-orbit"
3 F. Guglielmetti: "The Background-Source separation algorithm - A feasibility study for the eROSITA mission"
4 I. Kreykenbohm: "The eROSITA pre-processing and NRTA software"
5 G. Lamer: "eROSITA source detection and sensitivity"
6 E. Perinati: "The radiation environment in L-2 orbit :implications on the non-X-ray background of the eROSITA pn-CCD cameras"
7 C. Schmid: "Simulated eROSITA Sky"
8 M. Wille: "Recognition of bad pixels on charge-coupled devices in the eROSIA Near Real Time Analysis"

Galaxy Clusters and Cosmology
9 K. Borm: "Expected Properties of eROSITA Galaxy Clusters"
10 K. Borozdin: "Studying Dark Energy with eRosita"
11 R. Burenin: "Cosmological parameters from the measurements of galaxy cluster mass function in combination with other cosmological data"
62 S. Fromenteau: "An Identification Algorithm for Galaxy Clusters in the Optical/"
12 A. de Hoon: "Distant clusters of galaxies"
13 S. Giodini: "Galaxy groups and clusters in CFHTLS"
14 T. Hamana: "Subaru weak lensing cluster survey"
15 H. Khosroshahi: "Fossil galaxy groups; observations and simulations"
16 T. Lagana: "Star formation efficiency in galaxy clusters and constraints on the matter density parameter"
17 L. Lovisari: "Scaling relations with a complete sample of galaxy groups"
18 S. Mirkazemi: "XMM-CFHTLS and RASS-SDSS Galaxy Clusters Surveys"
19 S. Nuza: "Radio relics in X-ray galaxy cluster samples"
20 C. Räth: "Correlating Cosmological Probes using Mutual Information"
21 F. Zandanel: "A multi-frequency galaxy cluster catalog from the MultiDark cosmological simulation"
22 Y-Y. Zhang: "Where are we in calibrating mass proxies and baryon-mass fraction for cluster cosmology"
23 M. Irshad: "Cosmological Constraints from eROSITA"

24 V. Allevato: "Redshift Evolution of AGN Bias and Subdominant Role of Mergers in Triggering Moderate Luminosity AGN at Redshifts up to 2.2"
25 M. Brusa: "Host galaxies properties of bright AGN: prospects for eROSITA"
26 N. Cappelluti: "X-ray sources clustering with e-ROSITA: the ultimate experminent for AGN evolution"
27 S. Fotopoulou: "The Ultra Hard X-ray luminosity function of AGN"
28 I. Georgantopoulos: "Compton-thick AGN in eROSITA"
29 G. Khorunzhev: "Comparison of various methods of supermassive black hole mass determination based on a representative sample of nearby AGN"
30 M. Krumpe: "What can we learn from AGN clustering measurements with eROSITA?"
31 M. Salvato: "Dissecting Photometric redshift for AGN using XMM- and Chandra- COSMOS samples"
32 A. Markowitz: "eROSITA: The Largest Survey of AGN Fe Lines and Absorbers"

Galactic Sources
33 W. Becker: "Supernova Remnants in the eROSITA All-Sky Survey"
34 R. Capelli: "Astroarcheology of the Galactic Centre region: the past 250 years X-ray life of Sgr A* unmasked by Fe-K reverberation within molecular clouds"
35 R. Duro: "Broad iron Kalpha line in Cygnus X-1 simultaneously viewed by XMM-Newton, RXTE, and INTEGRAL"
36 M. Freyberg: "The Interstellar Medium with eROSITA"
37 M. Hohle: "Narrow absorption features in the X-ray spectra of isolated neutron stars"
38 A. Iyudin: "The potential of eROSITA morphological studies of extended supernova remnants"
39 I. Khabiullin: "X-ray lines formation in the spectrum of SS433 jets"
40 D. Klochkov: "Luminosity-related spectral changes in accreting pulsars: indication of two accretion regimes"
41 R. Krivonos: "Galactic diffuse emission"
42 A. Mancini Pires: "Population synthesis of thermally emitting isolated neutron stars - Expectations for eROSITA"
43 T. Nagel: "Spectral modeling of accretion disks in compact binaries"
44 T. Rauch: "DA-type White Dwarfs: Soft X-ray Standards for the Calibration of X-ray Instruments"
45 T. Ringat: "X-ray Model-Atmosphere Spectra of Extremely Hot, Compact White Dwarfs - Access via the Virtual Observatory Service TheoSSA"
46 T. Rauch: "The Chemical Evolution of Novae During Outbursts"
47 J. Robrade: "eROSITA and the solar neighborhood - nearby stars in X-rays"
48 J. Robrade: "Massive stars as seen with eROSITA"
49 R. Rutledge: "Isolated Neutron Stars with eROSITA"
50 S. Sazonov: "Spun-up stars and the X-rays from Sgr A*"
51 V. Suleimanov: "Cooling tail method for X-ray bursting neutron star masses and radii determination"
52 I. Traulsen: "X-ray spectroscopy of highly magnetic cataclysmic variables during the eROSITA pointed phase"
53 V. Doroschenko: "Two component spectrum of X Per"

Other Galaxies
54 A. Bogdan: "The Curious Case of NGC 4342, an Optically Faint but Unusually Gas-Rich Early-Type Galaxy"
55 L. Ducci: "X-ray source population study of the starburst galaxy M83"
56 P. Kavanagh: "XMM-Newton Observations of the N206 Superbubble in the LMC"
57 R. Sturm: "The Small Magellanic Cloud in the eROSITA survey"
58 G. Warth: "Studies of the hot interstellar medium in the Large Magellanic Cloud"

Future Missions
59 H. Khosroshahi: "Iranian National Observatory Project"
60 H. Tsunemi: "Formation Flight Astronomical Survey Telescope (FFAST)"