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we reached the maximum number of participants so that we have to close the registration prior the official due date.


In case you would like to be added to a waiting list please send a brief email to (heraeus @ so that we can inform you just in case a registered participant withdraws his/her registration.

We would also like to point your interest to the IAU General Assembly in Prague which will take place in August and at which a pulsar session will take place. Check


Registration is only possible by email (heraeus @ The formal due date for registration is April 1st 2006. However, as constraints with the lecture room limit the number of participants to about 100 we ask for early registration (first come, first serve).

Note that participation is free of registration fee !

Please provide us the information requested below for seminar registration and Hotel reservation. MS-Windows user may like to fill out the form available as writeable PDF-form-file if Adobe Rreader is installed.

Heraeus seminar registration sheet: (mail to: <heraeus @>

First Name:





Zip Code, Town:





Preliminary arrival and departure dates:

Requested contribution: (none, poster, talk) 

Title of your contribution (if applicable):

For the abstract submission we provide a LaTex template file which we ask to either attach to your registration information or to submit separately no later than April 1st 2006.

Hotel reservation: (detailed information)
My priority for accommodation is as follows:

1. Hotel Bellevue, none

2. Room (single, double, full board, half board)

3. Share with:

4. Hotel Bellevue (Rhine view / hill view)

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