Hotel Information

A tradition of Heraeus-seminars is that all participants, if possible, are accommodated at the same place and have meals together, in order to increase the exchanges between the participants and the lecturers.

Accommodation is therefore available directly in the Physikzentrum for about 50 participants. Available are 21 single and 32 double rooms. Additionally, we have made block reservations in the Hotel Bellevue which is a beautiful Hotel located directly at the Rhine side and provides a marvellous view (either Rhine or hill side). This Hotel is in 10 min. walking distance from the Physikzentrum. Lunch and dinner will be served at the Physikzentrum for all participants while breakfast is served either in the Physikzentrum or in the Hotel Bellevue, depending on where you will stay.

For organisational reasons it is only possible to provide us your priority on whether you prefer to stay in the Hotel Bellevue or in the Hotel attached to the Physikzentrum. We will try as good as possible to do the booking according to your requests.

The prices for accommodation are as follows:

Physikzentrum: (Booked out)
    Hotel Bellevue:
    • Double room, breakfast, Rhine side view (85€/night)
    • Single room, breakfast, hill side view (65€/night)
    • Lunch and dinner at the Physics Center (23€/day)
    View to

    Hotel Belllevue

    and the "Drachenfels" from the left side of the Rhine.

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