Review talks: It is planed to publish all review talks presented during the IAU JD02 in a proceedings book (publisher TBD). Each article should not exceed 30 pages. The book is supposed to appear in 2007 which leaves not much time for delays in submission and for the editorial work. We therefore ask everybody to respect the deadline! All papers run through a referee process which makes them a refereed publication.
Deadline for paper submission:
Februray/March 2007
Latex style files and guidelines:
Springer Lecture Note style and template file
Current list of papers:
Dick Manchester Radio emission properties of pulsars (observation)
Maura McLaughlin New results from rotating radio transients (RRATs)
Patricia Caraveo Optical and X-ray emission properties of pulsars
Ocker C. de Jager Gamma-ray and TeV emission properties of pulsars and pulsar wind nebulae
David Nice Pulsar timing and its future perspective
Vladimir Usov Radio emission theories of pulsars
K.S. Cheng Theory of high energy emission from pulsars
John Arons On the theory of radio and high energy emission from pulsars: Where to go?
Sachiko Tsuruta Cooling neutron stars: the present and the future
P.M. Woods & C. Thompson TBD
Ingrid Stairs Pulsars and Gravity
Michael Kramer Future radio observatories for pulsar studies
Werner Becker Future optical and X-ray observatories for pulsar studies
David Smith Future Gamma-ray and TeV observatories for pulsar research

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